We offer a variety of personal training packages to help you meet your fitness goals and your budget. To schedule a training session, please call 904-861-7856 or email staceyspt@gmail.com.

Training Pricing

Session Type Price Benefits
One on One Training $45 One on one session training allows the personal trainer to focus on precise individual fitness goals. All exercises are assisted by the trainer. This type of training allows the trainer to progress the client more quickly through different stages of training, increase workload at a much faster pace, and tend to individual health and fitness goals.
Partner Training $60        $30/each Partner session training cuts back on individual time with the personal trainer. Sessions are shared between two clients. Not all exercises will be assisted by the trainer. Exercises will be rotated among clients. Clients are expected to perform the exercise with 50% assistance from the trainer. Partners should have similar fitness goals.
Group Training $75        $25/each Group session training requires the personal trainer to move about a group of three clients at one time. Assistance is limited. Clients are to be able to perform each exercise with little to no assistance from the trainer. The personal trainer is responsible for the health and fitness of three clients and must work evenly among the group. Exercises will be performed in a circuit and will be of a basic nature.