" SPT Training is exceptional. Stacey’s creativity (no two workouts are the same), ability to push her clients beyond their own expectations all while making it fun is most impressive. I wouldn’t have reached my personal fitness goals in 2020 without the support of Stacey Bone. The SPT Team rocks! "
-- Jimmy Sutton
" My wife and I have been working out with Stacey and Billy for several years, two days a week. Being able to have access to professional trainers at our community gym has made staying active that much easier. They keep workouts interesting by always coming up with something new. They focus on everything, strength, balance, flexibility, and cardio. I like to say working out with Billy keeps me upright and able to look down and still see my toes. Try it, I promise you'll like the work out and enjoy the people even more. "
-- Bill Stroer
" The trainers at SPT always know what I need and how to encourage me to keep going. Their training is a whole person workout meaning they learn their clients’ and develop training plans that are effective and tailored to me. During the pandemic they realized the importance of exercising and found creative safe ways to keep me moving. "
-- Traci Callaway
" I have been a SPT client for several years. Stacey has always been a valuable resource in helping me to balance my diet and workout schedule. She was Instrumental in helping me lose over 40 pounds last year and helping me maintain my weight loss. I would strongly recommend her and her team of professional personal trainers. "
-- Marty Flores
" I have been working out with Stacey twice a week for the last eight years. My primary goal has been to keep my muscles in working order. Stacey is such a positive trainer. She takes you from wherever you are physically and designs a program that moves you forward. Now working out two days a week with Stacey is part of my life. "
-- Barbara Stroer
" People seek out personal trainers and exercise programs for a variety of reasons with goals such as weight loss, increased strength, improved cardiovascular health. I began working out with Stacey a few years ago with those same goals. However, my focus has since changed from reaching those goals to one of slowing the progression of Parkinson’s Disease (PD) which destroys many physical abilities that I’ve taken for granted all my life.

I have found Stacey is qualified to guide and challenge people on basic exercise and good nutrition to reach the goals of weight loss, increased strength and improved cardiovascular health. She is also very eager to learn about an individual’s specific needs and those exercises that will address those needs and ensure overall success. Her creative approach to workouts provides the client not only challenge but builds their resolve to be successful.

In my case, she has taken a personal interest in not only leading an interesting and enjoyable session but also providing me with the understanding of why we’re doing a certain exercise and what it will accomplish. Stacey has also reached out to health professionals in the field of PD treatment to increase her knowledge and learn improved techniques so she can provide me with the most beneficial possible experience. Her discipline and dedication to finding more and better ways to provide that effective guidance has earned her acclaim from those health professionals and my THANKS! "
-- Larry Moorman
" I have been going to Stacey's PT for over 8 years. I have utilized their service to push me in each workout and to balance the exercises that I do. I have 3 reasons why I go to Billy and Stacey. Stress is one, maintain a strong body and they are great people. I can pick up my kids without worrying about hurting my back. I also officiate college football and often are working games in 100-degree heat. Other officials are often struggling in games where my reaction time, strength during and after the game is much better. I attribute this conditioning to working with Billy and Stacey. Billy being a former professional athlete understands the demands of that level of game. His insight helps me tremendously on a Saturday in Miami for a noon game on turf. I often talk about quality of life. Your personal health is the most important and investing in Billy and Stacey the return is priceless. "
-- Tracy Hayes
" All you have to do is tell Stacey your goals and she will design a plan for you to achieve them. It’s what I did and it worked! I’m challenged every time I work out and I love the results! "
-- Rosana Leary
" I’ve worked with Stacey for a number of years and am hitting the golf ball like I was in my 20’s. "
-- Graham Leary
" I had to do something and here's why...
Back in December 2011, I was playing in my front yard with my son Jakob (6). After about 15 minutes, my energy was gone. I told Jakob I needed a break and I sat down on the front porch. Jakob walked over to my wife Cathy and said 'Is Daddy OK, why does he need a break.' That night Cathy and I talked about the conversation that she and Jakob had. It really made me think about what is most important in life and I decided that I was going to do something about my weight. A few weeks later I reached out to Stacey and I told her that at the beginning of the year I'd like to sit down with her and talk about doing some training. We met on January 5th 2012, I committed to working out twice a week for a minimum of 6 months. I remember telling her that I had no interest in jogging and really just wanted to see what I could accomplish in 6 months. I weighed in at 256.6 lbs.; I was a tight fitting 42' waist pant and an XXL shirt size. To be honest, my goal in the beginning was just to get into the 220's. Stacey is a great motivator and comes up with different ways to keep the training sessions interesting and challenging. She also helped me put together a plan for what I needed to do on my own. It was nothing crazy, 20 minutes of cardio 3 times a week. Over time this has increased with my improved fitness level. Stacey has always set realistic, attainable goals for me and I never felt like I couldn't do it. For the most part she is also no-nonsense and she doesn't let you rest for very long, but it always seems fun. I enjoy working out with her because she makes the time fly by and I feel like I have gotten a good return on my investment. I have enjoyed the training sessions and results so much that I have committed to Stacey for another year.

An extra incentive...
The first couple of months were interesting as I'd feel sore, but it was because I really had never worked out on a regular basis. I would kid Stacey sometimes and say 'It sure would be nice if I could reverse our roles and I could train you.' March 1st, she took me up on this. I weighed in at 230lbs. She said 'if you break 200 lbs. you can train me for one hour.' Little did she know that it would only take me 5 months to break 200. I hit the goal and as a bonus Billy has also agreed to take part in my training session. I plan to train them in early November - I can't wait!

How I'm doing now...
As of October 8th my weight is 191 lbs., I've lost 65.6 lbs. and I now wear a 36' waist pant and a size L shirt. I haven't worn this size for over 20 years. I play soccer and football with my son in the front yard and don't get tired and instead of laying around on the weekends we ride our bikes to the park and play tennis as a family. Also, Stacey encouraged me to try jogging; we went slow at first and did a lot of walk/runs together. Now I can jog 2.5 miles without stopping. My plan is to get to 3 miles. I've also received many compliments from coworkers and friends about how much weight I've lost and that I seem to have a much better attitude in general. I find that I sleep better, have quite a bit of energy and I feel good about my health and well-being for the first time in a long time. I could not have done this without Stacey's help and support. I look forward to continuing the Journey. "
-- Pete Richter
" I have arthritis in one foot and plantar fasciitis in another. Stacey has done an incredible job of giving me the best workouts, regardless of my limitations. For example, because of toe issues, lunges are out of the question, but she supplements with various forms of squats and dead lifts that more than make up for the lack of lunges. The proof is in the mirror! "
-- Stacie Merriman
" When I started my exercise program with Stacey and Billy, I had many problems with my legs and knees. With the stretching and strengthening of the knees and legs, my legs are now feeling better and moving better. The exercises they have given me weekly have helped to keep me moving and improving. I am much older than many who use their services but I recommend Stacey and Billy to the senior generation to keep us moving. "
-- Carol Hudson
" I love working with Stacey's PT! I started sessions with Billy to prepare for potential military boot camp training. Within just a few months of training twice a week, I was amazed at the results! I could do pushups, dips, and pull-ups with the best of them. I was able to achieve incredible strength endurance through the sports conditioning style workouts. Even though I wasn't trying to lose weight, my body 're-shaped' into a lean, more defined muscle physique. Billy coordinated new workouts every time, so I was always challenged and never bored! I learned new techniques and proper forms that will benefit my fitness routines for the rest of my life. My running form improved so much that I cut 2 minutes off my normal per mile pace. Billy and Stacey are genuinely interested in their clients' success and tailor the workouts so that you can meet AND exceed your goals! "
-- Haley Kaye
" I have worked with Billy twice a week for several months, I feel better, have more energy, and my jeans fit again! I look forward to my workouts each week. Billy and Stacey are both great and work with you to accomplish your goals. I'm excited to continue working with Billy into the New Year. I'm a fan.......so is my husband!!! "
-- Anna Rush
" It is indeed a pleasure to recommend Stacey Bone as a personal trainer. Each week I look forward to my training sessions with her as she does a fantastic job of varying my workouts and making it fun! Not only do I feel strong, empowered, and fit, but I leave each session with a feeling of accomplishment from Stacey's positive and encouraging feedback. I am responsible for my own health and fitness but it's definitely a bonus having Stacey in my corner helping me attain and achieve my goals. "
-- Maryann Frandsen
" Billy and Stacey's passion to help others transform themselves to live healthy and fulfilled lives comes across and connects well with anyone who trains with them. They design a comprehensive plan based on your fitness level and help you lose weight, tone up and change you inside and out. They have helped me realize the power and discipline I have inside and push me to make changes in my life. Having Stacey's PT train me and work toward achieving my goals has given me the mental and psychological support I need which has made a huge difference! "
-- Anne Nichol
" I have been working out with Billy and Stacey for several years now and have experienced dramatic results. In early 2010, with the help of their training, nutrition advice, and encouragement, I was able to lose fifteen pounds, while becoming stronger, adding significant muscle mass, and noticeably improving muscle tone and definition. The results were clearly visible and I received numerous comments from friends and acquaintances. Billy and Stacey put a tremendous amount of effort into their work, continually introducing new training techniques and varying their routines. They are also very flexible and willing to tailor their training programs to meet a client's specific goals. Perhaps most importantly, they are simply great people, and they bring a ton of energy and enthusiasm into the gym every day, so that working out with them never lapses into a dull routine. I can't recommend them highly enough! "
-- Chris Casey
" I began working with Stacey in March 2005. She developed a diet for me, and worked with me 4 days a week on weight lifting and cardiovascular training. The numbers speak for themselves - I lost 30 pounds in 4 months. Every lab result taken during my annual physical showed enormous improvement - from PSA to cholesterol. The results were so big even my doctor asked me how I did it! Stacey is a true professional. She will get you the results you want. "
-- John Kammlade
" I worked out with Stacey Bone from Jan. '06 to June '06. In that time, I lost 25 pounds and approximately 15 inches around my entire body. With Stacey's help and motivation, I was able to accomplish things in the workout room that I never dreamed I could do! For the first time in my life, I had some muscle and felt toned. Unfortunately, I had to stop working out with Stacey after five months due to personal health issues. However, as soon as I get better, I plan to return to her. In addition to improving my mobility, strength and overall fitness, Stacey taught me how to make better food choices to enhance my ability to lose weight more effectively with my workout schedule. I have tried every diet known...Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, Herbal Life, etc. Nothing proved as worthy as eating six healthy sized proportions a day in conjunction with a routine physical fitness plan. Thank You, Stacey! You Rock! "
-- Lori McGinnis
" I could not have done it without Stacey. I commuted between here and Chicago for much of the first 10 months working with her and she designed a plan that I could follow on my own, modifying it to fit the equipment I had available. Stacey even emailed me to keep me motivated and on track and of course kicked my butt when I was here with her! I've worked with Stacey since July 2005 after seeing the amazing results she got for my husband, and have gone from a size 14 down to a size 8. Although I'm maintaining a size 10 now.....I just couldn't give up chocolate and wine totally, sorry Stacey. Stacey is so professional and has taught me so much about proper form, setting goals for yourself, the importance of switching up your workouts and pushing yourself and how it's not all about what the scale reads! Stacey knows when to work you hard and when you may need a lighter day, and has goals for you even when you can't see the possibilities for yourself! She's a great motivator but doesn't sugar coat it, and will be the first to tell you, "you'll get out of your workout what you put into it". No one wants to waste their time in the gym and she showed me how to make the most of my workouts. Stacey has truly helped me make a lifestyle change! "
-- Candy Kammlade
" Stacey Bone has been my workout trainer for over two years. When I started with Stacey, I was recovering from serious open heart surgery and esophageal surgery, both surgeries were major. I weighed 212 lbs. before the surgeries and had little muscle tone. After the surgeries, I dropped to 160 lbs. I was extremely weak and in poor physical health. Since working with Stacey, I have gained 15 lbs. of muscle. My Doctor says I am in the best shape I've been in twelve years. I was diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure and high glucose. Now my diabetes is completely under control, blood pressure is good as well as my glucose count. I am sixty-seven years old and I feel great, look great, have more energy and increase my strength three times from what it was. I am completely pleased with the results gained from my workouts with Stacey. "
-- Bob Falconetti
" Since starting a personal training program with Stacey I have lost 20 pounds and 3 inches from my waist in just 2 months. I have gained better health and stamina. Although I had been weight training and doing aerobic workouts for years I had stopped noticing the benefits. Stacey re-tooled my workouts and provided constant support. My physcial fitness level continues to improve and with my 40th birthday fast approaching I feel better then ever. Thanks Stacey "
-- Stratis Lagoutaris
" Working with Stacey has been a very positive experience for many reasons. First and foremost she is a great listener. She clearly understood my goals, previous workout routine and existing injures. She customized a workout regime that meet all of my needs and in the process fixed a nagging shoulder injury. Ten months later I have lost numerous inches and six percent body fat. Plus I am stronger, smarter and overall in much better shape. If you have the desire to better your lifestyle, lose weight, or get healthy than you need to work with Stacey. "
-- Mike Israel
" Like many people in their early forties, I got a wakeup call from my doctor. My labs were out of control and my weight and body fat was dangerously high. Being a former Marine I started most workout programs too aggressively and almost always hurt myself. In May I began to work out with Stacey and told her my goals were to get healthy, be around for my wife and kids, be pain free and play better golf. My results have been great. I won my flight in both the Club Championship and Member Member (I can attribute a lot of this to fitness). I ran a 5K in NYC with my daughters and wife. I had to replace all my size 50 suits for a 46 off the rack and my waist went from a 44-46 to a 38. Stacey worked me hard, she didn't tolerate excuses and she understood how to motivate an aging jarhead who sometimes still thinks he's 25. Stacey is a pro and she makes me look forward to working out. She helped me get the gift of my health back and for that I am eternally grateful. "
-- John Melia
" WOW!! What a fantastic year 2007 was for me. Thanks to Stacey's Personal Training I have made a dramatic lifestyle change. After having my son in July 2006, I knew my body needed a different approach to weight loss. I began S.P.T. in November of 2006. Stacey helped me set goals, balanced my diet and has challenged me in every session. To date I have lost 40 pounds and 6% of my body fat working with Stacey. I weigh the same as I did before children, but I have more muscle than fat. I no longer have that "extra fat" hanging from my arms. For the first time I can say "I like the way my arms look!" As we begin 2008, Stacey has already challenged me to set different goals for myself. With her consistent support and positive approach, I know that I will achieve the goals I have set for myself this year. Thank you Stacey!! YOU ROCK!! "
-- Liz Lavender
" After not working out consistently from right before the birth of my daughter to a few years after, Stacey has helped me to rebuild muscle mass and lose unwanted inches. I was impressed with her from our first session as she actually took the time to perform a fitness evaluation and listen to my long list of 'trouble spots' so that she could customize a workout just for me. She's encouraging, challenges me at every session and keeps me on track with my fitness goals. Just when you think you've got her routine down, she changes it up on you to work muscles from a different angle or to challenge you with interval training or cardio. With Stacey's help, I've lost a total of 6.5 inches over the course of 8 months, and am looking forward to losing more in the coming year. I can't wait to earn and wear my 'I earned this body - Stacey's PT' t-shirt! "
-- Lynn Orr
" All I can say is I am addicted to Stacey's PT! I started training exactly one year ago with the plan to learn exercises to do on my own at home. After a few sessions my plan changed! I can honestly say in a year of going just once a week, I have never done the same exercise more than twice. Stacey really knows how to keep it spicy! She knows how to challenge you just enough to keep you coming back for more! Stacey is the best and is truly an asset to our community. "
-- Nicki Mauro
" My initial motivation in working with Stacey was to prepare to hike up Tuckerman's Ravine to the summit of Mt. Washington in New Hampshire last September. Having accomplished that goal, I have continued to work with her to improve my general fitness. She has helped me to decrease my body fat by 5.6%, lose 10 lbs., take 2 in. off my waist and improve my cardio, strength and endurance by 20%. Stacey is very knowledgeable and establishes routines that will keep you working at the edge of your potential. As little as one hour a week with Stacey can become the catalyst for good health. Good luck "
-- Peter Swasburg
" I started with Stacey in August of 2007. I was having issues with an aching back, sore muscles after physical exercise, and in bad need for some direction to increasing my energy level. With some extensive core work, the first two issues went away immediately. With a wide variety of exercises, the energy level increased three fold. My body fat has been reduced 5% and the weight gain has been in all of the right places. Stacey has the ability to get more from you while making the training session fun and challenging. One thing is for certain when training with Stacey, you never know what the next hour may bring!! "
-- David French
" Just a big thank you to both of you for always keeping everyone motivated to reach teir goals and stay healthy! You two are absolutely the best! Nicholas has come such a long way and I am so thankful that Billly has been able to help him so much! Thanks again! "
-- Jennifer Ninham
"Stacey’s Personal Training is on point! Stacey provides a highly personalized approach, she has great energy, and is a great motivator! I highly recommend!!!"
-- Jennifer Hudson
"My family hired Stacey and Billy for four group sessions. Stacey trained my daughter and I, while Billy trained my husband and son. The sessions were super! We learned how to get a great workout at the Shearwater gym. Initially we were all intimidated with the gym as all of us were used to the "Planet Fitness" setting which consists mainly of weight lifting machines. Stacey and Billy gave us each four high intensity, high energy workouts by teaching us how to use the equipment available at our gym. The workouts are printed out so you can refer to them, make notes and track progress. They also informed us how to grow with the workout and increase the difficulty and intensity. Since I completed my training with Stacey, and have continued my workouts 3-4 times a week, I have dropped 13 pounds and have gone down two sizes. My son has lost weight as well and is feeling better than he ever has. My daughter is more confident and we all are enjoying becoming healthier together as a family! I highly recommend sessions with Stacey and Billy. We plan on getting “refresher" sessions with them in a few months."
-- Dana Hinton and Family
"I am a current client of Stacey Bone and have been since March 2017. She is an awesome personal trainer. She works with all shapes and sizes and loves a challenge. I came to her wanting to get healthier and back into shape. She continually challenges me and changes the routine constantly keeping me motivated and all muscles groups well worked. She is very knowledgeable and a highly competent professional in fitness and nutrition. She is always encouraging in a positive way. I have come a long way in getting back into shape and will continue to use Stacey to reach my fitness goals. I highly recommend her."
-- Annette Eason
"I heard so many good things about Stacey from my friends that have worked with her, so I wanted to see for myself if she could help me get a plan for getting back in shape. She first had me come to facility and want to introduce me to equipment and learn about my past and my goals. It was important she asked about my medical history as I had vital information that helped her form a schedule and plan for me. My plan involved a different routine each time I worked out. She is very encouraging and really loves her job. I am happy that she is part of Shearwater."
-- Neil Gunn
"Stacey has been a life saver for me. I started working out with her 8 months ago to get back in shape. She will totally hold you accountable which I believe is key to a great trainer. She has been creative in developing a plan adjusted to my needs. I'm blessed not only to find a wonderful trainer but also a great friend."
-- Tracey Whittaker